Driven by our love for art and the passion to create all things beautiful, we strongly believe that the concept of BRAT means, will continue to inspire everyone of us; so here we are to make an impact in the art and fashion scene.

We know how hard it is to have it all – Style and Comfort. We’ve experienced it ourselves and thus decided to create our very own label. We hope that you, will feel the same way too after experiencing – BRAT. 

Love & Peace,

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BRAT is a dynamic and innovative art and fashion label founded by multi-hyphenate artist Jones Shi Kang Jun (JSKJ). The brand is derived from JSKJ's acclaimed series of rabbit-themed characters, known as BRAT兔崽子, which debuted at his solo art exhibition at The Arts House in 2011.

At the core of BRAT is the idea of challenging traditional stereotypes and reimagining the term "brat" as a bold, creative, and expressive persona. JSKJ's vision for BRAT has continued to evolve over the years, culminating in a remarkable reboot of the brand in 2021. With his exceptional skills in digital art, JSKJ has created a stunning collection of hand-drawn NFTs as well as digital illustrations that have been released in museum-grade archival prints and have attracted a diverse and devoted following across the NFT space, contemporary art scene, and lifestyle communities.

JSKJ's passion for creativity and remarkable talents have expanded the BRAT brand beyond the art world and into the realm of fashion. Incorporating bold expressions and pop art influences in his designs, JSKJ is uniquely positioned to bring a fresh and captivating perspective to the fashion industry.

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  • 03 APRIL 2023

    IKKIRO Bar & Gallery Singapore invited JSKJ to showcase his latest art series "BRAT VANITY FAIR" from 03 to 22 April 2023. Blending the worlds of high fashion and fantasy by reimagining some of the world's most sought-after luxury brands within the captivating universe of BRAT. His awe-inspiring digital illustrations are not only visually striking but also offer a unique perspective that invites viewers into a world where fashion and fantasy collide.

  • 22 OCTOBER 2022

    SHOUT Gallery Singapore invited JSKJ to showcase his artwork in their first edition of Singapore Collective Artists Exhibition (22 Oct – 13 Nov 2022) which brings together some of the most talented artists in Singapore, providing a platform for them to share their unique perspectives and creative expressions with a wider audience. JSKJ's participation in this exhibition is a testament to his exceptional skills and artistic vision.

  • 13 OCTOBER 2022

    At Men's Folio 25th Anniversary event 'METAVISION', JSKJ was invited to share his journey as a multi-disciplinary artist and his experiences in both the music industry and contemporary art scene. Through his talk, JSKJ discussed how his passion for music and art has influenced and informed his unique creative vision, and how his multi-disciplinary approach has allowed him to seamlessly blend both worlds.

  • 08 OCTOBER 2022

    JSKJ's 'W!SH for BRAT' Charity Art Party, a collaboration with Avenue + Co Medical Aesthetics, was a celebration of his latest works and a showcase of his vision for the future of his art and fashion label, BRAT. At the event, JSKJ unveiled his new digital art prints and BRAT Prototype Tees, giving attendees an exclusive glimpse into his creative process. During his talk, JSKJ shared his insights into the inspiration behind his beloved rabbit-themed characters, BRAT兔崽子, and how they have evolved into a central aspect of his brand and his commitment to pushing boundaries and defying conventional stereotypes in both art and fashion.

  • 04 JUNE 2022

    JSKJ reintroduced his iconic BRAT art to the world through the form of unique digitally hand-drawn NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in the crypto realm. The successful launch of BRAT NFTs resulted in the setting up of BRATCLUB; and on the 4th of June 2022, BRATCLUB held its very first NFT VIPs and members' gathering. During this event, JSKJ also revealed exclusive brand collaborations with ABSENTE and Angelo di Cristallo, a sneak preview of upcoming NFT series; as well as the plans for expanding the BRAT ecosystem – which indefinitely includes the BRAT Fashion Label!

  • 02 DECEMBER 2011

    JSKJ's first solo art exhibition 'BRAT兔崽子' at The Arts House (02 – 07 Dec 2011) was an outstanding showcase of his multidisciplinary talent via canvas paintings, photography, and film. Part of the proceeds were donated to The Business Times Budding Artists Fund, exemplifying his dedication to giving back to the community and supporting the next generation of artists. JSKJ's contributions to the art and music scenes have been widely recognized, and he was awarded the prestigious title of Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World in 2012, cementing his reputation as a visionary artist and musician who continues to inspire and captivate audiences.